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Paperback First Edition This paperback edition of is The Parental Tool Box as it was originally conceived. The unabridged 6x9 paperback edition is 366 pages and contains all the information in as close to the author's original vision as possible. April, 2018 "I can't buy enough highlighters for this book!" Quote from parent P Distributors:

eBook First Edition This unabridged version of The Parental Tool Box was designed from the ground up to be experienced on digital devices. Full color, it is a searchable, re-flowable document which can be read from any device of your choice. June, 2018 e Distributors:

First Edition Audiobook June, 2019 This much anticipated version of The Parental Tool Box as narrated by the authors re-imagines what it means to have an audiobook of academic content. Featuring over 140 sound effects, each tool and strategy described is accompanied by a adorable audio cue to help the listener stay engaged. Over 50 songs of original audio set the stage for this 10 hour recording to be able to be listened to repeatedly for years to come. You've never heard an audiobook like this before. A Distributors: Play Sample

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